One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Spring in the Sea

Today we met at Wembury again – it’s become the regular, winter sea-swim for some of us. Spring is in the air and the sea, and the sun has real warmth, burning through the mist by lunchtime. We swim hard out towards the Mewstone, visible in three dimensions in the bright sunshine but never seeming to get any closer. This will be our big planned swim for when the sea warms. We cut back towards the Yealm side, and feel the power of the reef reeling us in. It’s easy to imagine ships coming to grief here as the waves build, break and suck with the funnelling effect of the submerged rocks.

Later, we change and play ball with Honey and Mary the Bull Terrier. There is a dog-hater on the beach, identifiable by her chilling laser-stares at any canines and their humans who dare to venture within half a mile.  Mary spots her at once, shoots over with her comical gambolling canter, and sticks her head into Mrs Dog-Hater’s takeaway box – which quite possibly contains minced dog burgers.

We wander along the coast-path to Heybrook Bay, which allows us a closer look at the Mew Stone from Wembury Point, a mere half a K from here, but with a strong current through the narrows.  The fields behind the path are dotted with plump rabbits and Oyster Catchers, mingling as though at a cocktail party.

There was a moon in the pub (by a Welshman excited by a team try on the televised match), and then on the walk back a slim crescent moon rose in the sky, Venus visible as a bright point of light alongside. Or it might have been Saturn. We’re still arguing.

With thanks to JJ and Stephanie for the photos – WWS’s camera has broken!


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2 thoughts on “Spring in the Sea

  1. Pam Jones on said:

    You are truly an inspiration. I may have to move down to Devon just to join you on all your swims

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