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The First of a Kind – A New Public Swimming Pool for the UK – Kings Cross – London

A fascinating project, and of course it’s in London where there are a fair few outdoor swimming holes. In the poorer parts of our wild-swimming-heaven country, such projects are as rare as Swim Here At Your Own Risk signs. Myth-busting on the real dangers of swimming outdoors, and the real dangers of the spreading of untruths, is a project in which I’m heavily involved.
Please watch Chris Ayriss’ film and read the book – both are excellent, informative and interesting.

Wild Swimming News

Wild Swimming at Kings Cross London

Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?

Our Sceptered Isles unique culture is standing in the way of the free swimming movement. Across Europe and throughout America, outdoor swimming is a given during the summer months, but not so in good old Blighty.

Outdoor swimmers, wild swimmers, whatever they prefer to be called are increasingly frustrated at the swimming restrictions imposed upon them. True the risk of unsupervised outdoor swimming is greater than swimming under the watchful gaze of lifeguards at an indoor pool, but is it morally right to lock swimmers out of sight even if out of danger?

Surely no one would suggest that cyclists give up the open road in favor of a spin class, even if that meant they could never again have an accident.

No one would insist that marathon runners compete on tread mills rather than training and competing in the…

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