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Are Wild Swimmers Jeopardising Dartmoor’s Natural beauty?

Interesting piece. It’s not ‘wild swimmers’ at fault – we tend to be the ones who pick up litter. See Sophie Pierce’s Twitter campaign #quickpick

Wild Swimming News

The Western Morning News reports:

“Tourists’ Antisocial Behaviour is Jeopardising Dartmoor’s Beauty”

We need visitors but they’re not necessarily good for the environment, writes Martin Hesp…

An example lies on the desk before me on the cover of a quarterly publication called Dartmoor Matters, which is the mouthpiece of the Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA). The head-line asks: “Is Dartmoor too popular for its own good?”

The publication’s editor, Fiona Senior, writes: “This is a strange question for the DPA to be asking, given that one of our objectives is the protection and preservation of public access to and on Dartmoor. Sometimes, however, there is a downside…” …like fly-tipping, fires and barbecues, abandoned vehicles (many burned out), off-road driving, livestock worrying by dogs, and so on…

The rangers say that £20,000 a year is spent by the national park authority in disposing of the litter, a figure that does not include…

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The Recovery Position

The fabulous Nancy Farmer’s take on winter swimming. Spot on!


This is the recovery position for winter swimmers, not for drunk people. Though addled brains, an inability to speak in long sentences and a tendency to throw your drink all over the place are common to both conditions. You probably haven’t known shivering until you have known winter swimming, And still I persist in finding it strangely amusing.

The Winter Swimmer's Recovery Position The Winter Swimmer’s Recovery Position

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