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Action packed storm-swim boat rescue day!

Fabulous stormy swim blog from my friends in Argyll. Wowsers.


Our first autumn storm arrived today!  Things kicked off early with a “pre-storm swim storm swim” by Lottie and Iona.  While having our pre-storm swim cuppa we were able to watch a speedboat break its mooring and head for the beach, where it was intercepted by my intrepid cousin Hans, fully dry-suited, who bravely held the boat’s bow to the wind, while the local farmer whizzed down to the beach on his tractor and the boat was dragged to safety.  Whew!  The next dramatic event unfolded before our eyes, as, still gobbling coffee and tea, we watched the unbelievably intrepid Captain Duggie stride down the jetty, fully doubly wet-suited, and plunge into the foaming waves.  He swam out to his yacht Wild Rose, climbed Tarzan-like up onto the deck and set off into the maelstrom with a handkerchief sized sail up.  As he disappeared from sight we shot…

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Outdoor Swimming on the Horizon for Bristol Harbour?

Great idea from Bristol, resurrecting the British tradition of urban swimming outdoors.

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