One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country


Dahab Ninja Wipeout

Egyptian Ninja Wipeout

Trying to avoid getting wet...

Trying to avoid getting wet…

A last-minute call to dip at Mothecombe, and boy is it worth the trip. It’s mid-flood and surfy, the spectacular estuarine break is at its peak, and a strong, chilly wind cuts through our prematurely spring-like clothing. Rachel, Linda, Honey and I make our way to the shelter of the disused tidal pool. Honey thunders off after a tall dark and handsome flat coat retriever while the three of us change.


Failing to stay dry…

The rip drags at our legs as we teeter in, shivering, so we cross closer to the surfers and into the teeth of the wind. The water is muted turquoise and cold, but made icy by the wind chill. We contort into dance shapes to stay dry as we wade deeper; wild swimming oxymoronic behaviour if ever I saw it. Linda is resplendent in her Dahab souk hooded neoprene singlet, while Rachel is wearing a mini ra ra skirt and a purple flowered hat. As I float between Egyptian Ninja and Devon Cream Tea Lady a large wave breaks over my head, dousing the Dali dreamscape.

Devon Cream Tea Lady

Devon Cream Tea Lady


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6 thoughts on “Mothecombe

  1. whoosh, splash, bash…looking forward to the sea, getting fed up with the city

  2. There’s not much to beat it – Dart today, blog to follow. Hope all moving on okay? x

  3. You’ll be here by summer – hopefully this year.

  4. Mrs Ape on said:

    I remember the first year the Ape and I were together we had a week away walking and he swam at Mothercombe in February. A glorious day and it was warm enough to wear just a t-shirt. A bit cooler today by the looks of things but still as lovely

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