One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Skinny Dunk at Black Rock

Ready to Dunk

Ready to Dunk

The tempestuous weather continues unabated, and although I like it wild it’s playing havoc with my swimming. There’s wild, and there’s WILD. Today, Honey and I stomp through black peaty mud the texture of molten chocolate. We make  squelching noises that resemble a liquidised meal being chomped by an octogenarian with badly-fitting false teeth. The pool at Black Rock thunders and the edge of the dam has been washed away. I strip and wade carefully in before plunging under and popping back up like an ice cube in a whisky and soda.  I daren’t swim across.

Skinny Dunking

Skinny Dunking






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4 thoughts on “Skinny Dunk at Black Rock

  1. I’ll take your word for it! lol

  2. Hi Lynne, Nothing to do with this item but just reading your book review on the OSS and I don’t have any other just now. About half way down you’re written:
    “However, Dr Rip’s discussion of types of sand and the ways in which different sentiments form different types of beach is illuminating.”
    Whilst ‘sentiments’ 🙂 is sweet in terms of how a beach may form, I can’t help but feel ‘sediments’ would be the word of choice in context.
    I did get into a ‘discussion’ with a lifeguard at Bantham once who was cross with me for swimming where there was a small rip, I could see it from the way the waves were running on the beach. I think in the end we agreed that he was less concerned about me once I’d demonstrated my knowledge and more that others would follow after me – fair point.

    • There is more than one typo in there I’m afraid – I quite like the sentiments though!
      One of my bug-bears with bad lifeguards (and there are plenty of excellent ones out there, don’t get me wrong!) is their ‘one size fits all’ mentality that says the sea is always dangerous for all of us, and that ain’t so.
      The book is great, will be putting a review on here soon too. thanks for spotting that one! 🙂

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