One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Well, You Can Cry Me a River

I love this post from a local blogger who lives on the West Dart. It chronicles beautifully the crazy life of one half of our favourite swimming river, and includes some wild cooling and wild swimming…

Crockern Farm

Looking out the window at the West Dart River these past weeks reveals a river gone mad.  During the recent storms, it was consistently a fast moving, boiling, roaring, torrent of water.  On more than one occasion it breached its banks, taking part of our stonewall with it and I worried about the big trees on the opposite bank, which became temporary islands of wood as the river swelled with the rains.  These trees already have awkward leans to them, making it seem as if it is just a matter of time before they slide into a resting position on the hillside as I would onto the sofa.

And yet this same river on a warm day offers a place for wading or taking a cooling dip.  The waters gently babble past providing a refreshing tonic.  One summer day, we stood in the river drinking beers with our friend Hilary. …

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4 thoughts on “Well, You Can Cry Me a River

  1. Lou Doret on said:

    Love Lynne – don’t think I’ve said how much I enjoy your WWS blogs – they come direct to my phone & dunk me right into the delicious swim of my mind 😉 Currently bound for a meeting in Bath with S Somerset DC & partners, & I need all the dunking I can get!

    Love to ya xx

    Lou 07515 424638 From Iphone


  2. Thanks Lou, this blog is by Catherine Charlton because I haven’t swum for too long…still sick ugh. Need a dunking too! x

  3. Thanks Lynne, a really interesting read. Hope you get back in the water soon.

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