One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Wonderful Wembury



Waves from Above

Waves from Above

Met the gals for a wonderfully wild swim at Wembury today. It was shortly after high tide, and the breakers were perfectly-sized; large enough for some proper fun but not so big as to cause us problems with getting back in, nor indeed for a repeat of Teri’s ‘stunned sea bass’ impression. Wintery sun seeped through whispy clouds and forged the surface of the sea into molten aluminium.

WWS Ascending a Wave

WWS Ascending a Wave

The messy waves peaked in points, backlit as we leapt to beat the breaks like aquamarine stained glass windows. Chilly water, but nowhere near the freeze of the weekend. I felt a glow of cold radiate from my body, but ice cream neck lasted only briefly as water slapped and walloped us from above. We played and bobbed and marvelled in the light show while we chatted and laughed. Small rafts of seaweed swept past. There’s nothing to beat a wild winter sea. Thanks to Sharon Nicol for the photos.

Hamming it Up

Hamming it Up


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15 thoughts on “Wonderful Wembury

  1. Love your blog, great pictures.

    I mentioned you on my local blog a month or so ago. http://matteringsofmind.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/mewstone-and-starfish/

  2. My Partner Sarah is the swimmer in the family. I blog but don’t swim, she swims but dosen’t blog.

    You might also like this about the Tamar bridge when you have a moment.

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