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Big Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrry

Honey on the Neck

Honey on the Neck

Steph mentioned throwing herself into the sea at Bigbury after her Satruday ten mile run (yes, I know some Triathletes…) I decided to join her for the last bit, and I even trotted around twenty meters along the beach to warm up pre-swim. In we went; me, Steph, Richard and a couple of others I didn’t know. I reckon the sea temperature was around 8-9ºc, although the combination of howling unopposed gale, a swimsuit and shallow water on the neck did rather draw out the process of getting right in, like one of those zoom in while tracking out horror film camera effects. I haven’t done a winter dip with Steph since last year, and I’ve really missed her scream.

Alison meanwhile had appeared slightly late, and so I felt honour-bound to return for a second dip with her by which time my sensory nerve endings had well and truly frozen. It was lovely. Honey and Saffy the spaniel joined us. Afterwards we made tea and some rather spectacular smoke signals in the car park using Alison’s Kelly Kettle.

Alison, WWS and the Dogs Post-Dip

Alison, WWS and the Dogs Post-Dip


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2 thoughts on “Big Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrry

  1. That was brave to go in a second time. The water was 11.3C at Kingswear on Friday lunchtime for comparison.

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