One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

North Moor Downpour

Stair Rods in Meldon Pond WWS and Rachel

Stair Rods in Meldon Pond WWS and Rachel

As we swim up Meldon Pond the rain hits; torrential, hammering Dartmoor rain accompanied by a rumble of thunder. We consider getting out, but we don’t see any lightning and it’s mesmerising watching the different types of rain hitting the water; its texture and colour morphs and melds into a misted band of spray over the surface of the pond. The water darkens and deepens in hue from turquoise to forest green. The rain-drops grow in size and leap on stalks of water from the surface, before dropping back and disappearing into floating hemispherical bubbles. Smaller drops scatter pearls across the meniscus.

Red-a-van Brook Pool

Red-a-ven Brook Pool, WWS, Rachel and Bun Bun

Afterwards we walk back through the rain wearing our swimming gear and draped in soaked towels to Red-a-ven Brook which is close to spate. There we dip and play in a small pool where dark brown water forges and foams creamy and cool below the falls. The centre of the bubbly milky way is like whisky and soda.

Thanks to Miguel Dawson-Ambiado for the two top photos (WWS’s camera is broken…)

Swimming in the Rain 2

Swimming in the Rain – Miguel


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5 thoughts on “North Moor Downpour

  1. Helen on said:

    pictures and writing IMO deserve an award … !

  2. Thank you, the pictures were taken by Miguel as my underwater camera is broken. Fantastic aren’t they?

  3. Good stuff! We were sailing not too far in one of these downpours …

  4. Looks really invigorating! Those unexpected river pools are great, and exploring in the rain is a sure way of finding peace and tranquility.

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