One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

And Sharrah Again…

The End of the Dive

The End of the Dive (photo Aquatic Ape)

Kari Sinks Beneath the Cascade

Kari Sinks Beneath the Cascade

Today Kari and I have a special guest from the Big Smoke; none other than Mr Aquatic Ape (blogger of some repute, Tooting Bec Lido ice swimmer, afficionado of post-swim cakes, and endurance sea swimmer). Kari knows AA of old, but we’ve never met in person before. We talk rather a lot on the way to Sharrah, then enjoy a lovely swimming and photography extravaganza in the golden water; the normally camera-shy Kari needs photos of herself in various aquatic environments for an interview she’s giving,

I adore swimming with Kari who treats swimming as an art-form, but there are disadvantages because her artistic focus and unique coaching skills have previously resulted in some near-death experiences. (‘You don’t have to breathe’ she says. Or: ‘I’m planning to swallow-dive off that huge rock into the sea as a performance art piece, it’s only thirty-seven feet. Who’s coming to high diving lessons?’). So she wrestles the camera from AA and we are forced to spend some minutes underwater while Kari photographs us. In my case she wants to capture the shadowy zebra stripes on my body from the surface ripples. Then I have to dive in several times until Kari gives up and AA manages to capture the event in chronophotography.

Later, Kari and I chat on the rocks while AA swims some more and Kari notices his left foot still kicks at an angle some ten years after she taught him to swim properly…He escapes with a talking to.

We eat crisps and shortbread, then wander back talking some more. A lovely day out.


http://swimclinic.squarespace.com/ (Kari’s Swim Clinic website: Kari will transform your swimming and your enjoyment of the water, whatever your level or need, I promise!)

Kari and I Underwater

Subaquatic Dance: Kari and WWS (photo Aquatic Ape)

Aquatic Ape Being Aquatic

Aquatic Ape

Aquatic Canine (Bun Bun)

Aquatic Canine (Bun Bun)


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