One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Champagne Dart





A quick early evening dip with Honey and Rachel; we go to one of the little pools just above the bridge today. The water is wonderfully refreshing and filled with fish – trout we think. There are two small jacuzzis here – one is hard to reach with the force of water but I manage to stay in for a good minute by clambering over submerged mossy rocks then standing on one horizontally with my head and body upstream in the fizzing bit. The other is narrower with much less water coming through and there’s a handy curved nook in which to wedge.  We wallow and watch the bubbles burst like Tinkerbells. I feel the tickle of the water and the amplified echoes of the falls in my underwater ears. Rachel says it’s like bathing in champagne.

Wedged In

Wedged In

Big Bubbles

Big Bubbles



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4 thoughts on “Champagne Dart

  1. annieworms@gmail.com on said:

    I just love getting these posts thy really lift the spirit. Not sure how I came upon them. Maybe through the South London swimming club Tooting All the best Anne Worms

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  2. Chris on said:

    love the big bubbles

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