One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Unwinding at Bovisand

Underwater Zombies

Underwater Zombies

Having been coiled to the point of snapping by a certain tennis match, Honey and I are relieved to be able to cool off and unwind in the sea. It’s heaving on Bovisand despite us not arriving till 7pm, since it’s high tide and everyone’s crammed into the few yards of remaining beach. We stride out into water that looks like mercury and wallow out to the buoy before spending some time engaged in underwater antics and buoy-mounting.



Aquatic Antics

Aquatic Antics

I swim back in front crawl and my shoulder is, remarkably, still fine. Honey is on the lead as she’s obsessed with balls and intent on crashing every game of cricket or dog-playing session on the beach. As we eat our picnic, she takes off with me attached, causing my plate of pasta salad and lettuce to fly skywards before crashing into the sand.

I retrieve Honey from the sea, and tie her lead to her coiled metal spike that’s screwed into the beach. She takes off again, complete with spike, in pursuit of a labrador chasing a stick and once again has to be retrieved from the sea. The spike is lying on a rock, and luckily has failed to impale anyone.

As the sun drops behind the headland the sky melds into the sea in pastel shades of pinky blue so that distant boats appear to float through the sky. I feel I could join them. Well done Andy Murray!

Setting Off

Setting Off

Boats in the Sky

Boats in the Sky


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One thought on “Unwinding at Bovisand

  1. Chris on said:

    Last time I swam there was Jan 20th and the temperature was in the minus figures. Aren’t seasons wonderful.

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