One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

The Dog Days Are Over



Honey and I arrived at Wembury and paid an extortionate £4.50 for the privilege of parking before wandering down to join Teri and Michele de la Mer who were staring intently at what appeared to be a nicely-coiled turd, but which turned out to be an adder; another had just vanished through a hole in the wall. The tardy arrival of spring had brought all of us out to bask in the sun.



We set up at the far end of the beach, about a hundred meters from the only other occupants, but were quickly approached by the  National Trust man who threw us off for daring to have a dog with us. Apparently there were some children due. I notice he didn’t throw the polluting traffic out of the car park, or close the lane in case any of them were run over, or spray Dettox around the rocks over which the sewage outfall discharges in wet weather.  Bearing in mind I pick up Honey’s mess, the sea temperature is still less than ten degrees, it’s term time and mid week, I can’t see any problem at all with Honey being there. We pay huge water bills because of the cost of cleaning our beaches, and yet we’re not allowed to use many of them with our dogs from May to October. I live in the country, I have dogs. I wouldn’t subject her to a hot day in high summer, but why can’t I go there at this time of year, or in the evenings? End of rant!

Criminal Canine

Anyway, we moved on up the coast path to a rocky gully where we sat and chatted and swam in pale turquoise water while Teri filmed with her Go-Pro in Slow-Mo. I only managed about ten minutes, but it was so beautiful with the ripples focusing sunlight over smooth, quartz-striped pebbles and rocks. Entranced by the water swirling and lapping around the limpets on the rock where we got in, I was shivering by the time I got out.  Apparently limpets wander across the rocks in very slow motion and try to lever each other off. They reminded me of little Daleks.

Michele Goes In

Michele Goes In



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5 thoughts on “The Dog Days Are Over

  1. But Honey isn’t really a dog, she’s a super star of Devon’s waterways.

  2. Chris on said:

    South-West water don’t get me started! £6 billion they claim to have spent improving the water quality over the last 10 years. So why is it the last couple of years Preston Sands have been closed because of sewage washing into the sea, Bantham and Mothecombe have just lost their blue flags because of – oh yes, sewage washing in and the whole of Torbay was awash with – yes, SEWAGE , last month.

  3. Oh yes the dog ban. Very irritating. We abandon Wembury in the summer & head to Bigbury (preferably when the tide is out or the dog is a bit squashed….)

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