One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Chocolate Sea and Sunday Tea

Lesley Swims in ChocolateIt’s a dank day and Honey and I drive through mizzle all the way to Sidmouth. As we approach Jacob’s Ladder bright red cliffs burn through the hitherto relentless grey and the pale turquoise sea appears to have been invaded by milk chocolate. Great drifts of pebbles like gulls’ eggs clatter then emit an other-worldly shriek as brown waves break and snatch the water back leaving milky rivulets.WWS Plays in Chocolate Waves

Hunting...Bobbing along in the chill, I notice the headland between here and Ladram is trailing mist and resembles a speeding steam train heading out to sea. Karen is wearing a fur trapper hat so it looks as though she was hit by a flash flood while out hunting.

Ducking under, I’m in an orangey world where I can barely see my own arms, the result of the pulverised chunks of cliff that have plummeted back into the sea after the wettest year in living memory.

We change on the pebble bank, drink tea and chocolate and eat muffins baked by Lesley (spiced banana) and Karen (maple and pecan). Honey mugs several people for their cake and Sidmouth sits cuddled by cliffs while the wind whips in from the sea.Honey Mugging Jo

Turquoise and Chocolate

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Sea and Sunday Tea

  1. That is orange isn’t it and I thought it was a bit yeuchy at Oddicombe on New years day.

  2. wildwomanswimming on said:

    It seems ok, I think it’s mostly from the cliff falls of sandstone Chris – as at Oddicombe sometimes. I’ve got a shot taken underwater and it really is burnt orange in colour with the light filtering through. Quite freaky!

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