One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Hope at New Year

Bobbing Back

IMGP3918I’d thought I was dreaming when opening the curtains this morning to be confronted with a bright sky and no rain! New Year, New Weather? Honey and I drove in hope to Hope Cove. On the beach we changed to the wonderful retro sound of Esther’s wind-up gramophone music swirling, slowing and quickening with the wind and laughter.  At Outer Hope a buffeted Kestrel attempted to hover over the cliff. I’d decided against a wetsuit and was delighted to find that the rather frisky water, opaque with mashed weeds like toast crumbs in milky tea, actually felt warm as toast on my wind-whipped flesh. I dived in, and was swaddled. A series of hilariously tortured faces followed us. Boogie on the Beach

Pixie in the LumpsI struck out and either ducked under the foam or swooped up over the rollers. JJ and Hugo had set off fast, so Sue and I waited for Esther and Claire. We swam round together and watched as waves disintegrated on pointy rocks. The Pop Art sky set off the lumpy water to form a gallery of stunning seascapes.

As we approached the beach we began to struggle with the breaking waves, the undertow and the hidden rocks. It was too murky to see what was coming; underwater, dark strips of weed flashed past like space at Warp Speed in negative.

I felt warm till I stood wobbling in the shallows, at which point the water ran from my body leaving it exposed to the nasty gale. After a shivering change I could still feel the chill radiate from my body as we wandered to the Hope and Anchor. When you’re this frozen, layers of clothing act like a cool box.

Later, having warmed up beautifully, we walked the coast path to view JJ’s latest plan: Round Burgh Island and on to Thurlestone through the arch in one swim. It doesn’t look far from up there! Thank you for reading in 2012, and may your New Year be wet and wild with floods of sunshine.


Woo Hoo!

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11 thoughts on “Hope at New Year

  1. You’re a bit wimpy in those wet suits. 🙂 I went in the north sea at Aberdeen on Dec 30th! My heart nearly stopped and I lasted about 1 minute, but I felt blooming good after! keep up the good work. Jim

  2. Great to hear about your new year adventures off the Devon Coast. I just managed a short Coast Path walk a little further up the coast between Thurleston and Bantham. It was a great start to 2013! If things stay this mild I might be taking a dip myself very soon.

  3. wildwomanswimming on said:

    I’ve swum Burgh lots – it’s one of the most wonderful swims in Devon. There are several posts about the swim on here. If you look on the Devon Wild Swimming Facebook link to the right of this page you can join the group and you’ll see when the next Burgh is, or ask on there and we’ll put a swim on. It’s all at your own risk with no safety cover as we’re an informal social group, but we will look after you.
    Couple of blogs here:
    Also you can see a scary blog for December when I got wiped out, but that might put you off!

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