One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Summery Winter Hoe

Mid-November, late afternoon and the sun is bright and low. The sea’s nippy with a little chop and coloured dark blue-green. I get in quick, and feel the unpleasant crawl of cold water up my body and the ache in my neck. I swim staccato for a minute or two, then the effect melds into the kind of sensation I imagine you’d have after a massage from a beefy Scandinavian using salt and willow switches. We swim round past the Lido, drift and bob and smile in the sunshine for a bit, then plough back against the wind and tide. If it weren’t for the bracing chill it could be July – except in July it was like November.


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2 thoughts on “Summery Winter Hoe

  1. Any info re training for breakwater swim or club to swim with in the sea in Plymouth wld be grt. Going for it this year!

  2. Hi Ange, see the links on my blog to Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimming, and to the Facebook groups Devon Wild Swimming and Cornwall Wild Swimming. Lots of swims all over, and a few regulars which are on the website. The best person to contact directly (via Facebook on either of the Group pages) is Pauline Barker who does lots of training and lots of organising! Hope to see you on a swim soon.

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