One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Sausages and Cider

Poor Teri had to postpone her Sausage and Cider beach party owing to the usual stormy summer weather, so we met at Wembury a day late.  In accordance with stereotypes, the women swam while the men fiddled with the barbecue (actually more of a farmhouse range which required a fork-lift truck to move) and the kids played in the shallows. 

The sea was a balmy sixteen degrees, murky green and studded with fragments of weed following the storm. A lovely swell cradled us as we swam, while we added to Queenie’s marine phobias with talk of Conger Eels rising up at dusk, big-mouthed Basking Sharks and other monsters.

For once, the breakers were manageable and body-surfing back in was as easy as  pie. Teri emerged wearing a dark and glossy kelp wig like a dishevelled Kardashian, if there is such a thing, while Queenie did some ‘dynamic jumps’.

We sat around in the evening sunshine and ate sausages in baps, drank mulled cider, and finished off with a wonderful Nigella chocolate and Guinness cake.

Messing around video here:



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