One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Crazywell Pool Pop-Up Lido

Today we swam wild with a difference, spending the afternoon at one of my favourite spots where Alex Murdin had created a Pop-Up Lido complete with lifeguard chair, red flag, and FM radio broadcast. On the blustery high moor, surrounded by green, tussocky grass, we swam in the silky spring water of Crazywell Pool. I duck-dived under into an orange glow like Katie- Price’s reflected tan, and popped back up with tingling skin to watch clouds wandering overhead.  We speculated on the colour of the water, and the cause of the warmer patches which are like little baths in which to float and warm up.  A typical lido, perhaps?

BBC News Report here:



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4 thoughts on “Crazywell Pool Pop-Up Lido

  1. bloomin’ marvellous

  2. Kari did butterfly across as a finale too… no splashes and barely a ripple. I could only gaze in admiration.

  3. I heard this advertised on BBC Radio Devon. What a blast!! So many of my friends here in Stokeinteignhead do Wild Swimming, I have yet to take the plunge…

    • We usually swim wild for free but thought we should support the lido too.- it’s a lovely experience so well worth a trip!
      I know Stokeinteignhead, it’s a lovely place and surrounded by swimming spots – go on!! 🙂

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