One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Delicious Dart

I’m baking and sticky with sweat after the hottest day this year, and the sound and sight of the Double Dart as the air starts to cool makes me want to run flat out and dive straight in. We walk upstream and change among the trees. The river rocks are slippery, so our entrance is less nifty than we had hoped. As I fall forwards the deliciously cool water sluices the heat and salt from my skin and I’m instantly invigorated.

We swim serenely around the pool, occasionally passed by a speeding dog; we have Honey and Perrin the labrador with us this evening. It’s a joy to watch a dog bred for swimming cavorting through the river, water rilling from his coat.

We swim in each pool before plopping in to the Horseshoe jacuzzi. I feel the fizzling softness on my skin. Janey says the bubbles make happy water, and I know what she means. I hold a handful of bubbles briefly before they evanesce like Tinkerbell.


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2 thoughts on “Delicious Dart

  1. maddy61 on said:

    Lucky you, sounds wonderfully cooling, just what’s needed on these hot days! I’ll make do with your beautifully evocative description and imagine myself there.

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