One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country


Sharrah pool in spring, new leaves, green light, layers of vegetation and tiny flowers in moss cosseting cold boulders. Often it feels still when you arrive in the glade; today I feel the surge of energy and spray. The roar of the rapids is like a cloudburst, and the dark depths of the pool churn to the surface. The water’s cold and flecked with foam and tastes wonderful.

We have to swim hard for a bit to get to the cascade, as the usual eddy has been pushed out by the force of the current. I can’t make it to the top and am swept along and spun round in the bubbles which pop in my ears and fizz in my face.  From time to time, I see a swimmer’s head flash past. Allan casually overtakes me in a slow breast stroke, travelling at about twenty knots.

On the way up, I had chatted to a woman and her small daughter who then appear, and decide to strip to their underwear and join us. The little girl shrieks with the cold but eventually gets in with a bit of encouragement, wearing Jane’s neoprene bonnet as extra protection. We lend them towels and share hot Ribena and Jackie’s special cake, spring oaks curving overhead.



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2 thoughts on “Sharrahlicious!

  1. Absolutely lovely description and how brave of the wee girl and her mum to get in!! Well done to them.

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