One woman's wild swimming adventures in the west country

Maidencombe Madness

South-Easterlies scuppered our plans to explore along the coast at low tide today, with a hefty swell and a force 4-5 wind. The sea churned with dark red sand, and transmogrified into that tastefully dull taupe colour currently found on so many interior walls. The shallows were a chunky winter soup of seaweeds and flotsam. 

Swimming out to sea I plunged head-first through heavy breakers. As I swam, wave turrets hit me from all angles and I began to swallow water. Looking round, I realised we’d been carried alongshore and were close to the rocks. Spray splattered the air. I struck out seawards and then back along towards the beach, pushed and pulled by the surging water. Dangerous Malcolm meanwhile appeared on the rocks, and walked back around to the beach before returning to the sea; he told me later he’d been unable to swim away against the force of the waves and had to land instead.

Back in the relatively calm area off the beach, I floated around and played in the surf, watched by sandstone cliffs the colour of dried blood. Every roaring breaker dissipated into fizzing, Fresian patches of foam.

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2 thoughts on “Maidencombe Madness

  1. Wow – great photos. I’m researching cameras now as it really adds to the post.

    • Thanks! I love photography. Myself and JJ both have the pentax optio WG-1 which is great and very robust. Also it’s easy to use with cold hands and gloves. The waterproof finepix camera also gets good feedback, although I don’t think the photos are quite as good in the professional reviews. The finepix is cheaper!

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